What Are The Best Sensory Toys For Kids? Here Are Some Ideas

Playtime plays a crucial role in a child’s development. Equipped with the right toys, and guidance from parents, not only it can help them calm down, but these toys can also make everything easier, from a dentist visit to a simple dinner with family and friends. While they can help stimulate the kid’s senses, this also plays a crucial role in assisting them to other essential skills that they’ll need as an adult such as cutting, writing, and even zipping their jackets and pants.

With that being said, what are the best sensory toys for kids? Listed below are some suggestions and ideas that you can use from fellow parents who’ve had seen tremendous success with these types of toys. While there are too many toys to mention, here are some of the top toys that will surely make playtime more fun, yet sensory and calming at the same time.

Kinetic Sand

Admit it – even for us, adults, we find kinetic sand to be quite enjoyable! My daughter and I would find ourselves playing with kinetic sand and wouldn’t notice the time passing us by. Unlike regular sand, kinetic sand is less messy and helps your child power their imagination! Let them make a sandcastle, build a car, or whatever else they could think of!

Stepping Stones

Balance is a crucial part of a child’s development. While some parents may not be aware of it, letting them run around helps them find their balance and get their body movements coordinated. While some aren’t comfortable with the idea of their child climbing high surfaces, stepping stones might be the perfect solution for you!

The idea of these stepping stones is that you can set it up in your backyard or your living room, and have them step from one rock to another without them falling. This is the challenge that they need to make. You can adjust the width according to their age, or even add more stones depending on your preferences.

Spinning Tops

Not only that these spinning tops are pretty to look at, but they are also great for helping the child develop their motor skills. It can also be a calming toy, especially for those long waits during the dentist appointment, or while waiting for your favourite restaurant to serve your food. Trust me – this is a must-have in your child’s bag whenever you go out.


Putty is just like a combination of clay and kinetic sand – a softer version of the earth yet more intact than the kinetic sand. While it’s sweet, it can sometimes be hard to pull, which surprisingly has a calming effect! Squish it, pull it, roll it – let your kid do whatever he/she likes! This is another one of those toys that you can bring during long waiting periods to make sure that they keep seated and to prevent them from throwing those tantrums because of boredom.


There’s no best toy to start with – it all depends on your child’s interests and your preferences both at the same time. If you want something that would help in oral stimulation and mouth exercising, sensory chew toys are the best toys recommended by experts. While these are the top sensory toys that many parents have had found huge successes with, I’m sure you’ll find some others out there that are equally as enjoyable than the ones that we’ve discussed above.