Creative laser-cut toys for kids


Toys play a big part in every kid’s life. It helps them develop their focus, imagination, concentration and much more mental development. Over the years, toys continue to help children their abilities and skill that they can use in their everyday life as well it help them prepare for the future.

One great way for children to learn is through playing with toys. It allows them to discovers things and how to react in their environment. Plus, toys are able to provide them with lots of fun and enjoyment, making hem happy kids.

With technology advancement, toys are no longer the same as it was before. Toys are now being upgraded to provide more intellectual stimulation as well as provide more happiness. Do you know that laser cutting machines can be used to laser cut delicate parts of toys like puzzles, construction toy set, crafting supplies toys, and so many more? Many companies like laser engraving sydney use laser machines on different materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, metals, etc. to design a creative toy for kids.

Here are some examples of laser-cut toys.

Wooden puzzles

Puzzles help kids develop their basic skills such as shape recognition, patience, goal setting, and concentration.puzzles can also help kids develop their eye and hand coordination. And since puzzles require the exact nature of matching the pieces precisely, motor skills of the kids can be enhanced.

You can start with a simple design puzzle using only a single picture. This is to encourage your kids to solve puzzles, especially if they don’t show signs of interest in the beginning. You can also do the puzzle with them and make it your bonding session.

The good thing about designing a puzzle with a laser machine is that you have the opportunity to create a unique pattern of pieces, so it allows you to create a puzzle with any shapes. You can even personalise your puzzle by engraving your name or a message at the back of your puzzle. With laser-cut puzzles, you can generate a one of a kind puzzle that will show your creativity and artistry. 

Crafting toys

Crafting especially for young children, is a great way to learn basic skills. Almost any kind of crafting activity promote eye and hand coordination. By doing craft projects, kids will be able to learn how to cut, measure, and do a lot of things that they will eventually do as they grow up.

Doing craft project requires skill in order to finish. Every time your kids complete a project, it boosts their confidence level, and it helps them feel proud of themselves. Every time they do a project, they’ll be able to discover a new set of skills, and this will help them to become more capable and come up with new ideas to do their own craft project.

Craft toys that can be designed using laser machines are stamps, patterns, cutters of different shapes and a lot more. These toys can be used in doing mosaics, weaving, building, box crafts, etc. Overall, crafting has the ability to fuel the inner minds of kids to be creative while having fun.

Wooden toys

The development of wooden toys is now becoming a trend to use safe materials and ensure the safety of kids when playing. Wooden toys are now becoming popular because they are safe raw materials. Aside from its safety benefits, wooden toys are very durable. Most wooden toys are made of solid wood, so it’s hard for them to get damaged easily from simple scratching or markings. Not only does wooden toys provide enjoyment, but they can also last up many years.

Creating wooden toys using laser cutting machines has no harmful elements since the laser do not touch wood directly. It only cuts the wood using the laser based on the designs set on the connected computer. Basically, it’s like printing the design on the wood. Wooden toys are safe, especially for babies that often bite or lick their toys. With wooden toys, there are no unhealthy components that can easily enter into your kids’ body.

Examples of wooden toys that can be designed using laser cutting machines are toy cars, toy animals, kitchen toys, blocks and a lot more. Wooden toys require less investment, yet kids can reap many benefits from using them.

You may think that choosing toys for your kids is easy. However, there are factors you should consider. There are many toys developed for kids nowadays. So how do you know which one is right for your kids? Remember that kids loke to build, construct, put things back, pull them and add on. So it would eb wise to pick open-ended toys. It means that your kids can play different games with them—one good example blocks. Kids can use them to make a road, a bridge, a park and even submarines. If you choose toys like this, it will help spark your kids’ imagination and help them master their skills in problem-solving.

It is also important to purchase toys that your kids can grow up with. You can choose toys that your kids can enjoy in different developmental stages. An example is toy animals. A toddler will find playing with toy animals fun while they can use them to act out in their story when they grow up.

Note that there are no toys that can make your kids smart. Toys are only tools in helping your kids develop their mental, physical and social skills.