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Fun ways to encourage kids to learn and speak French

Parenting is hard but it can really be fulfilling. Parents will always want the best for their child. What if you want your child to become bilingual to prepare them for the global world? There are lots of benefits to being bilingual.

Here are some good reasons why it will make a good case to teach your child to speak French.

  • Children are always open to new learning. While they are young, it will be easier for   them to learn the French language
  • It’s a way of learning the French culture and connect it to their own culture. If you are partly French, then you might want your child to know more about your roots and heritage. If you do have any French blood, it’s also a good way to expose your child to French culture.
  • It can be a great bonding time especially if both of you are learning the language
  • Knowing a second language can help boost your child’s confidence

Now here some easy and fun ways to help your child learn French


Being exposed to language is the ideal way of learning the language. It means you have to relocate to a French-speaking area or enrol your child to a French school. This will guarantee that your kid will pick up the language in a short period of time. However, these are not simple options.

So the goal is to hit your child with French as often as possible. Start with the very basics. Begin with the French Alphabet and numbers. One fun way you can do that is by singing along with the French alphabet songs. Introduce simple words such as shapes, animals, colours, common objects. You can label some items in your house with French words, work on colouring books and choose colours according to its French name or draw shapes and learn the French word for each of them. This will make your child enjoy the activity.

You can also opt to play French music in the house while they help you clean or during long road trips.

 Children love videos so have them watch French movies or Youtube videos.  Instead of playing the video in full, you can pause regularly to make sure that they are getting the important details in the video. Keep them engaged in what they are watching. Ask them questions about the story. Their answers will give you a sign if they understand the video or if they are following what is happening in the movie. You can also ask your child to write notes on French vocabulary that they get in what they are watching. This activity will open an opportunity to discuss new French words or idioms and understand the meaning of those. Or introduce them to French comics.

Hire a tutor

To help your kid advance, you need to hire help from a native or someone who is fluent with the language. Your child will get private french lessons through one on one training and attention. This will help your child excels in the correct pronunciation and syntax.

You should find a tutor in your area or online. When finding an online tutor, do not always go for the cheapest. You should also see if it has an amazing community. The best French tutor service should offer you a large choice of tutors or teachers. Read the reviews online to see if the service can meet your preference or your child needs. You can also ask for a trial lesson to see if your kid will like the process.

Make it natural. Do not force it

Make sure that you don’t go overboard when it comes to having your child learn French. Remember that they are just kids. Their attention span is short and they are hyperactive. Do not get upset if there are times that they don’t show interest. Remember, time is on their side. If you force them to learn French, they will just despise it resulting to being unproductive.

You got to learn to trust in the process. Having your child learn the French language at a young age is more than many people ever had. Do not expect your child to be fluent only after months of learning. Sometimes, it takes years.

The most important thing you should remember is to create an environment that your child will feel comfortable learning and interacting. They should be able to enjoy the activities while learning in the process.

Knowing a foreign language is very useful especially in this global day and age. Many people who had French knowledge found many opportunities that helped them grow their career as well as their personality. They were able to meet great people and visit a lot of places.